Russian Language and Culture

Russian Language and Culture


The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers a range of courses focusing on the language, history and culture of a fascinating country—Russia. Spoken in Russia and throughout the former Soviet Union, Russian ranks fourth among the world’s most widely used languages, after Chinese, English and Spanish. The achievements of Russian writers and artists in ballet, cinema, theatre and painting are internationally recognized. Since the fall of communism, Russian life and its economy in general have gained new vigour.

Undergraduate Programs

Applications for these programs are suspended for an indefinite period
InformationPlease note: Modern language programs are currently undergoing restructuring. For this reason, applications for these programs are suspended for an indefinite period. Although the programs are suspended, the courses are still active and we invite you to register.


Immersion: Stay Abroad

The major includes a mandatory immersion stay abroad in a Russian-speaking university, where you will be surrounded by the language and be required to take at least twelve credits of courses. A mobility scholarship to help you cover the cost of your travel and stay is available. 

Examples of Possible Combinations

  • Russian Language and Culture and History
  • Russian Language and Culture and Second-Language Teaching
  • Russian Language and Culture and Translation

Program-specific Admission Requirements

Students with prior knowledge of Russian must take a placement test to determine their level of proficiency and whether they are exempt from certain language courses.

Career Opportunities

  • Immigration Settlement Liaison Officer
  • Multiculturalism Project Officer
  • Many positions in tourism
  • Cultural or International Adaptation Specialist
  • Terminologist
  • Intergovernmental Affairs Officer
  • Multiple occupations in diplomatic service, foreign and cultural affairs
  • Interpreter
  • Terminologist
  • Teaching positions after completion of a degree in education.
  • These programs are a major asset in the international marketplace.
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