Minor in Spanish

A minor comprises ten courses, with six language courses and four in Spanish studies (culture, literature, film, or linguistics). This approach adds significant value to a major program, particularly if you anticipate working with international organizations (such as in trade, diplomacy, tourism or education).

In terms of language skills, students must be able to communicate (level B1/B2) in both academic and professional contexts, and be able to produce structured and coherent research papers.
The program can be adapted to your interests and linguistic abilities (if you already have the skills, you are not required to take the language courses). If you eventually consider a master’s degree in Spanish, you will need only four more ESP courses.

The program’s holistic approach encourages the development of intercultural awareness in order to function professionally in different spheres of global communications.

Une mineure est composée de 10 cours, soit six cours de langue et quatre de formation en études hispaniques (culture, littérature, cinéma, linguistique). Cette approche ajoute une valeur significative à votre programme principal, surtout si vous prévoyez travailler auprès d’organismes internationaux (commerce, diplomatie, politique, développement, tourisme, ou autre).

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