“Children of the Enemy” - Agatha Schwartz leads research project funded by the SSHRC

Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Children of the Enemy

Agatha Schwartz, with co-investigators Mythili Rajiva, Christabelle Sethna (University of Ottawa) and Tatjana Takseva (St. Mary’s University) conducts this project with the purpose to collect and analyse narratives about the consequences of the mass rape of German women in the last days and aftermath of World War II and the rapes and forced impregnation of mainly Muslim Bosnian women in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the 1990s war in former Yugoslavia.

We seek to understand how these two episodes of mass rape affected the women, their mothering practices and how their experiences and trauma may have been passed down to the next generation(s), the children born of the rapes. Our aim is to highlight the possible effects on the children and–in the German case–grandchildren of the women survivors, but also to consider the often overlooked forms of agency of the women survivors and the children themselves. Given more recent episodes of mass rape in armed conflicts worldwide, discussing and bringing to light these issues is of great importance.

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