Piano renewal initiative

Piano Renewal Initiative

Did you know that in 2019 the School of Music will be celebrating 50 years of incredible music training in the National Capital Region? In order to celebrate this anniversary, we’re launching a special initiative to renew one of the most important resources for any music program—the pianos! In fact, most of the upright pianos at the School of Music are the very same instruments that have been in use since the Department was founded in 1969. All of our students have learned their repertoire, composed their works, and completed their harmony and sight-singing assignments on these very instruments. You can well imagine the wear and tear they’ve endured after almost 50 years of daily use. To achieve our goal of replenishing our aging stock of pianos, the School of Music is seeking your support. In addition to acquiring a new concert grand for Freiman Hall, we will add four new grand pianos to our fourth-floor studios and, perhaps most importantly for all, will add a whole new fleet of upright pianos for the basement cubicles.

The cost of acquiring these pianos is considerable. For this reason, we are asking for your help. Your involvement in this initiative would benefit not only current students but also future generations of School of Music students. Please consider making a one-time donation today or, even better, setting up a monthly donation. Either way—and whatever the amount—your contribution will make a real difference. I encourage you to complete the online donation form or call class giving officer Karine Charron at 1-888-352-7222, extension 2473, to make your donation.

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