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Alumni Memories - 1969-2019

The 1970s

Angelaw Hewitt

Angela Hewitt (BMus)
Concert Pianist

“Pianist Jean-Paul Sevilla was the reason I went to uOttawa in 1973. I remember hearing some of his students perform and thought, “Wow, if they can play like that, he must be a good teacher!” He was fabulous, also sharing his knowledge and love of all the arts with his students. I also fondly remember piano accompaniment classes with Evelyn Greenberg, pedagogy with Cynthia Floyd, musical form with Steven Gellman, harmony with Frederick Karam, and the hours and hours I spent playing chamber music with my fellow students—all extremely valuable experience for which I have always been grateful.”

Françoise Davoine

Françoise Davoine (BMus 1976)
Classical Music Presenter at Radio-Canada

“I remember fondly classes given by passionate teachers, exciting encounters with musicians of the highest calibre, and deep friendships going back to my student days at uOttawa: so many discussions and feelings were shared! These years of study launched me on a fabulous career as a classical music radio host at Radio-Canada which allowed me to travel all over the world. What a privilege!”

Louise Duchesneau

Louise Duchesneau (BMus 1978)

“I still reap the benefits of my years of study in this dynamic music school which was a wonderful place to learn. My classes and meetings with Anisia Campos, Ramón Pelinski, Yves Chartier, Claude Vivier, Luis de Pablo, the always delightful Evelyn Greenberg and so many others helped build a solid foundation for my future studies and proved being essential to my role as assistant to the incredible György Ligeti.”

Andrew Tunis

Andrew Tunis (BMus 1978)
Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“My earliest uOttawa memory is of coming into one of the little houses on Nicholas Street in 1973, years before Pérez was built. I heard a strange sound emanating within – a sort of low humming, moaning sound which I supposed might be something in the infrastructure.  The mystery was solved one day when in the hallway the sound suddenly stopped, a door flew open and standing there was Professor Jean-Paul Sevilla, my future teacher, inspiration, and mentor. Whenever practicing alone in his studio, he sang in his own unique ‘growling’ way, and I learned that day the important musical rule to always "sing" when playing.”

Sidney McLauchlan

Sidney McLauchlan (BMus 1979)
Recording Producer, Deutsche Grammophon

“I fully appreciated the quality of the uOttawa Music Department after having graduated and discovered the importance of a thorough, yet modern and wide-ranging BMus programme. It is the foundation upon which I am still building as a recording producer for Deutsche Grammophon. Studies with Ramón Pelinski, David Hildinger, and Steven Gellman enabled me to pursue my dream. Fred Karam saw potential in an underwhelming guitarist and opened the door—a door that led to an “espace musique” where friendships were made for life.”

The 1980s

Elizabeth Simpson

Elizabeth Simpson (BMus 1983)
Second Horn, National Arts Centre Orchestra

“At the uOttawa School of Music, there were many valuable courses and exciting performance opportunities, but the reason I became a professional musician was due to studying horn with Daniel Gress, then Principal horn with the NACO.  Throughout university, I admired his artful playing and his gorgeous sound at NACO concerts and, during lessons, I was motivated by his demand for tone colours, character of sound, great rhythm and tuning, and above all, musicality. I will always value the commitment he had to teaching and the belief he had in me.”

Laurence EWASHKO

Laurence Ewashko (BMus 1984)
Associate Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“I have such fond memories of my early days here at the school of music. Three moments that were pivotal for me during my undergrad were: singing a role in the very first opera production directed by Donald Bell (Stravinsky's Les Noces), participating in the very first Ensemble Calixa Lavallée under the direction of Agnes Grossmann and the moment she convinced me to continue studies in Vienna. What an amazing start the school offered!”

Jonathan Wade

Jonathan Wade (BMus 1985)
Percussionist, National Arts Centre Orchestra

“I remember being inspired in weekly lessons with my professor Ian Bernard, who was principal timpanist of the NACO.  Friendships created back then have lasted to this day. I played with various student ensembles including the orchestra, and wind, jazz and percussion ensembles. A special performance was Stravinsky's "Les Noces" in 1982 with pianists Jean-Paul Sevilla and Andrew Tunis where I got to play alongside my teacher. That was a sign of things to come...!”

The 1990s

Karen Fournier

Karen Fournier (BA 1991)
Associate Professor of Music Theory, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

“My years at uOttawa inspired me to continue my music studies at the graduate level. Classes in musicology with Paul Merkley and ethnomusicology with Jocelyne Guilbault were formative experiences that set me on the path toward popular music research at a time when few music scholars were working in that area and uOttawa has the strongest aural skills preparation I've ever encountered in my career. Undergrad studies at uOttawa were the best!”


Yves Laroche (BA 1992)
Part-time Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“My first year was in the old but memorable building on Daly Street; the following year we moved to Perez. The change was exciting and I was excited to play the grand piano in Freiman Hall. I remember fondly playing in a jazz quartet in Freiman for a concert devoted to the jazz legend Miles Davis. That evening was stellar and unforgettable! I would like to thank Professor Dave Hildinger who had inspired me to pursue all things jazz.”

Genevieve Cimon

Genevieve Cimon (BA 1994)
Director of Music Education and Community Engagement, National Arts Centre

“I will always treasure my time at the School of Music. The newly renovated building was my home away from home and was always bustling with energy, music, and laughter.  I was privileged to work with Jocelyne Guilbault, an incredible ethnomusicologist who broadened my perspective on music’s role in our society. Much of what I learned from her, I still apply today in my role as Director of Music Education and Community Engagement at the National Arts Centre.”

Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore (BMus 1994)
Associate Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“It was a huge adjustment for me to move from Corner Brook, Newfoundland to Ottawa in 1990 to begin my studies in piano performance at the University of Ottawa. What I encountered at the school exceeded any expectations I may have had and opened up opportunities for me that were life altering and continue to impact me today in everything I do. To say that I am grateful for my undergraduate experiences and education would be a complete understatement. I owe this school more than I could possibly articulate.”

Frédéric LACROIX

Frédéric Lacroix (BMus 1996)
Adjunct Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“I am proud to have attended the uOttawa School of Music. The relationships created during that time influence me to this day. I'm also grateful to the many professors who encouraged me to grow musically by expressing my creativity. My wish for current and future students is that their experience at uOttawa is as positive as mine was.”

Laura Nerenberg

Laura Nerenberg (BMus 1996)
Freelance Musician and Teacher

“Studying at uOttawa gave me valuable violin, ensemble and leadership skills. These skills have served me well in my graduate studies and well into professional life. Many musical friendships forged at uOttawa have stayed with me and I take great pleasure in continuing to perform with some of my former classmates. I currently perform chamber music and jazz and teach Suzuki Violin and improvisation in the National Capital region and beyond.”

Robert Rival

Robert Rival (MMus 1998, BA 1996)
Adjunct Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“One day in solfège class, our instructor repositioned the piano. A wheel was jammed and the instrument tipped, crashing to the floor—onto his foot. A thunderous discord, composed of all the world’s overtones, filled the room. To this cacophony he added a sharp cry of his own, hopped three times on his uninjured foot, then lifted the piano upright. Pausing only to take a breath, he asked me to sing. I will never forget this lesson: in grit—and harmony.”

The 2000s


Julie Pedneault-Deslauriers (BMus 2000)
Associate Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“My theory classes helped me discover that music never ceases to reveal hidden secrets. I remember studying a work I thought I knew inside out that I found somewhat trivial, Bach's Prelude in C major. Yet, our analysis uncovered a depth and richness I had not previously discerned and made me see this prelude in a whole new light. I love teaching this piece to my students to this day.”

Ben Stone

Ben Stone (BMus 2001)
School Teacher

“The things I vividly remember about my time at the School of Music at uOttawa involve the people I met and the ensembles I played in.  I'm still in touch with many people I went to school with, both staff and students.  I ended up going into teaching and although I'm not primarily using my musical knowledge in my job, pursuing my passion in music led me to where I am today.”

Jenn Thiessen

Jenn Thiessen (BMus 2003)
JUNO-nominated violist and viola d'amore player

“My perception of what was possible for a career in music broadened significantly during my time at uOttawa thanks to the ample performance opportunities including my first professional experience on a concert hall stage. I also had access to world class performers and teachers, relevant academic classes for musicians, beautifully bright practice rooms in which to spend those crucial hours, and a vibrant community of peers who became lifelong friends and colleagues.”

Hali Krawchuk

Hali Krawchuk (BA, Arts Admin. Cert. 1996)
Coordinator of Cultural Activities, uOttawa School of Music

“Early on I realized that studying here would be very different from my past experience as a nameless, faceless student in the general arts program of another university.  I recall nervously approaching the window of the main office of Pérez with a course registration problem, certain I’d be dismissed and asked to make an appointment.  Overhearing the exchange, Lise Laneville came out of her inner office smiling, and asked how she could help.”

Mary Blais

Mary Blais (BMus 2002)
Band Director, Holy Trinity High School

“I am forever grateful for the education and opportunities I received while studying music at the University of Ottawa.  I felt nurtured and inspired by the exceptional faculty who never failed to bring out the best in my peers and myself.”

Nancy Wood (BA 2004)
Manager – Collection Access and Outreach, Library of Parliament

The best part of studying Music at uOttawa was the community of staff, students, and professors sharing a passion for music and lifelong learning.  I have fond memories of working in the School of Music throughout my studies.  My experience studying Music and Arts Administration at uOttawa provided a solid foundation for my graduate studies and career as a librarian.”

Elizabeth (Gault) Bowman

Elizabeth (Gault) Bowman (BMus 2004)
Owner, Bōwman Media

“When I think back on uOttawa, I think fondly of the people I met there (both students and faculty).  I remember particularly Robert Cram’s business of music class - this class sparked my fascination with how artists book jobs.  It was a surprise to me to find such a personal passion in the business of music, but I am very glad my eyes were opened to this.  After acquiring more experience and education, I’m now a self-employed publicist and work in this wonderfully niche world of classical music every day.”

Susan Naccache

Susan (Miller) Naccache (MMus 2004, BMus 1980)
Sergeant (retired), Canadian Forces and Principal Cellist,Georgian Bay Symphony

“I have fond memories of my studies at uOttawa and am a professional cellist to this day because of my training there.  Donald Whitton was my teacher, and I was in awe of his wonderful cello sound, his perfect bow arm and his superb orchestral playing as principal cellist in the NACO.  He taught me above all to work hard and that sound is the most important feature of playing the cello. I also remember working with great pianists like Bertha Gurofsky and Joan Milliken, and many exciting concerts with Lazaro Sternic and David Currie.”

Luc Martin

Luc Martin (MMus 2004; BMus 2001)

"What fond memories I have of my time spent in Pérez.  It was during this period that I acquired not only the musical skills that continue to serve me so well in my daily practice, but also life-long friendships."


Bryan Wagorn

Bryan Wagorn (BMus 2004)
Pianist and Vocal Coach

“I have the fondest memories of my time as a student at the University of Ottawa. My teacher Stephane Lemelin and the rest of the faculty were terrific and enriched my musical development immeasurably. The administration was so supportive and my fellow students and colleagues created an inspiring and stimulating environment. I hope the current students and alumni will feel empowered by their training to enrich the art form and to bring joy to their communities!”

Kimberly Francis

Kimberly Francis (MA 2005)
Associate Professor, University of Guelph

“My studies at the University of Ottawa were pivotal to my academic career. I was able to work with talented, compassionate professors, dedicated to bringing out the best in their students. They saw the potential in me and helped me find a path forward I had never imagined possible. Now, I happily send my own students to their program, knowing they will receive excellent training in a supportive, caring environment.”

Lee Carter

Lee Carter (B.Mus 2005)
OCDSB Music Teacher and Community Ensemble Director

"Every day I use the lessons learned during my time at Pérez Hall. My time in both the choirs with Professor Laurence Ewashko and the Wind Ensemble with Prof Daniel Gress provided a benchmark for high quality instruction and musicianship that I continue to strive for. The whole uOttawa music department, staff and students, taught me immensely about professionalism, collegiality, collaboration, empathy, and a passion for sharing the very best we can offer each other."

Amanda Nelli

Amanda Nelli (BMus 2006)
Artistic Director, Chorus Niagara Children's Choir

“One of my fondest memories from the Music Faculty at the University was performing in the opera program.  It was my first experience acting on stage – and I absolutely loved it!  It was incredible being part of an experience with so many different elements – chorus, leads, set, costumes, and seeing it all come together.  The best part was making lifelong friends in the process!”


Doreen Taylor Claxton (MMus 2006)
Part-time Professor, uOttawa

“My masters degree the University of Ottawa helped me rebuild my confidence as a musician after a difficult undergrad experience.   I felt supported by my teachers during my time there and it opened up many important career opportunities.”

Mélina Dalaire

Mélina Dalaire (Grad. Diploma in Piano Pedagogy Research 2006, BMus 1991)
Part-time Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“The best part of studying music at uOttawa was and still is about human interactions. I feel a strong connection to the Music School’s Piano Pedagogy Laboratory. My studies in piano pedagogy have shaped and fine-tuned my teaching skills. Many thanks to all my past professors!”

Geneviève BAZINET

Geneviève Bazinet (MA 2007, BMus 2005)
Adjunct Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“Studying music at uOttawa had a profound influence on my development as a performer, scholar and teacher. What I remember the most about studying here was the supportive environment in which we learned from each other and from top scholars in the fields of theory and musicology.”

Nisreen Jardaneh

Nisreen Jardaneh (MA 2007, Graduate Diploma Piano Pedagogy Research 2006)
Head of Music, Repton Abu Dhabi School

“Doing a graduate certificate in piano pedagogy and masters in music had an amazing influence on me as a researcher and educator. I still remember the first day I arrived at the PianoLab, during the final stages of construction. Proud to be among the first generation to graduate, I am now Head of Music at Repton Abu Dhabi School, a British school recognized for the use of technology and innovation in education.”

Martin Labrosse

Martin Labrosse
Part-time Professor , uOttawa School of Music

“My fondest memories at the University of Ottawa’s School of Music are of my professors, because they helped me to become not only the musician, but also the person, that I am today.  For example, through their instructions and dedication, Nicholas Atkinson and Robert Oades helped me to reach my full potential. The choral singing course, with Laurence Ewashko, had a profound impact on me when we sang Mozart's Requiem. And today, now that I am also a professor at the University of Ottawa, I am grateful for the tremendous education that I received at the School of Music.” 

Erin Parkes

Erin Parkes (Graduate Certificate in Piano Pedagogy Research 2007, MA 2005, BMUS 2003)
Founder and Executive Director, Lotus Centre for Special Music Education

“After completing a BMus here, I decided to pursue a Masters in musicology at the School of Music. At my entrance interview with professors Paul Merkley and Gilles Comeau, I was asked by Professor Comeau if I could really give up teaching for musicology, having observed on some previous projects how much I loved teaching.  He was right – I went on to earn a graduate certificate in piano pedagogy research and then complete a doctorate in music education and am proud now to be an adjunct professor in the uOttawa music faculty.”

Tamar Dubuc

Tamar Dubuc (MA 2008, BA 2006)
PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa

“As I look back on my years studying music at uOttawa, I recall fondly the feeling of community shared by a widely diverse group of students, professors and staff. My experience in this rich learning environment set the path for my professional life, led me to discover my passion for academe, its practice and its administration, and inspired me to make a meaningful contribution.”

Jada Watson

Jada Watson (MA 2008, BA 2006)
Adjunct Professor, uOttawa School of Music

“The School of Music has always been a place where I felt supported and encouraged to pursue my interests. I am especially grateful for the mentorship of Lori Burns, who saw my potential as a popular music scholar and offered me countless opportunities to explore those interests through a number of collaborative projects. Some of my fondest memories are of time spent together writing and analysing music; those experiences had a significant impact on my development as a scholar and have shaped the way I work with my own students today."

Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson (BMus 2009)
DMA Candidate, Ohio State University

“Arriving at the School of Music signalled an irreplaceable change in my life: the opportunity to sing with many people who understood a very fundamental thing: we can only make music with human beings, and how well we treat those human beings speaks volumes about how well we will make that music.”

The 2010s


Mélanie Boulerice (MMus 2010, BMus 2008)
High School Music Teacher

“During my music studies at the University of Ottawa, I especially appreciated the many performance opportunities offered in orchestras, wind ensembles, chamber ensembles, and as a soloist. The teaching assistant jobs I had the good fortune to have as a Masters student allowed me to discover a passion for music education. “

Ania Hejnar

Ania Hejnar (MMus 2012, BMus 2010)
Performer and Music Teacher

“The best part of studying Music at uOttawa was the wealth of opportunity for students – in each sector, there were many masterclasses, performance opportunities and resources made available. My experience studying at uOttawa influenced my professional life through providing numerous connections – I met fellow students from all parts of the world, and I still keep in contact with many successful musicians whom I met during my years of study there!”

Travis Harrison

Travis Harrison (MMus 2012)
Bassist, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

“I have a special memory of a lesson with my uOttawa mentor, Joel Quarrington. This lesson lasted for over six hours! We worked through all of my recital repertoire bar-by-bar; focussed on technical issues; spoke about many things; and even took a quick break for a La Botega sandwich! I’ll never forget that day – it led to many breakthroughs in my own playing, and gave me a lasting impression of my amazing mentor.”

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris (MMus 2013, BMus 2011)
Percussion, Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

“Studying at uOttawa gave me the opportunity to become a part of an incredibly rich music community. My time as a student was invaluable to my development, network, and career as a musician and educator. My lessons and classes gave me a strong foundation on which I continue to build and strive to improve. Most importantly, uOttawa taught me how to work hard and practice, practice, practice!”

Daniel Mills

Daniel Mills (MMus 2014) 
Executive Director, Kamloops Symphony Orchestra

“Completing my degree at uOttawa gave me direct access to some of the major players in the Canadian classical music scene. These included not only performers, but also the educators and administrators I collaborated with through school.  Another terrific advantage was its proximity to the National Arts Centre. As an arts administrator now working on the opposite side of the country, I am very grateful for the professional connections I made while studying in Ottawa.”


Patrick Cauthers (BMus 2014)
French Horn, Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces

“Few music schools would allow you to both perform in the orchestra and sing in the choir simultaneously in a performance of the Brahms Requiem. Few music schools would fight to have their student musicians be paid when performing at the convocation ceremonies. But the uOttawa School of Music did! I am thankful to the school for my many performance opportunities and to Professor Gress for his outstanding tutelage, which resulted in my career as a musician in the Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces.”

Zac Pulak

Zac Pulak (BMus 2014)

“During my time at the University of Ottawa, I benefited from unparalleled support from my professors and private instructors. In addition to the many performance opportunities at the School of Music, it was incredible to have the chance to play alongside my percussion professors in the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra over a number of seasons. That experience really opened my eyes and ears to what it took to play as professional!”

Tristan Walen-Hughes

Tristan Whalen-Hughes (BMus 2014)
Director of The Ottawa Brass Initiative

"For any aspiring musician, I have two crucial words: pulse and subdivision. Professor Daniel Gress never let us forget them, and for that I will be eternally grateful."

Venessa Lachance

Venessa Lachance (BMus 2015)
Owner, Lachance Music School

“One of the best memories of my time at the uOttawa School of Music is composing, with a colleague who was a pianist, a work for two pianos twelve hands.  Pérez Hall :  a place that nurtures creativity and brings together committed musicians!”

Maria Atallah

Maria Atallah (BMus 2015)
Composer-in-residence, McGill University’s Schulich Singers

“uOttawa allowed me to discover my potential in a nurturing environment. Had I not taken the introduction to composition course in my second year, I would not have known that I could write music. The best part was being able to share my passion with great friends and being able to walk to the National Arts Centre to attend a concert after school. We were constantly immersed in music.”

Paula Lin

Paula Lin (MA 2016, MMus 2003)
Piano Teacher, Ottawa School of Music

“Upon leaving my work in Calgary and relocating here to upgrade my education, I found the atmosphere of openness in the uOttawa School of Music to be a very supportive one as I went through several academic challenges.  I also valued the cultural immersion experience here and the invisible ties among faculty members and classmates.”

Krisandra Ivings

Krisandra Ivings (MA 2016)
Reference Librarian, Supreme Court of Canada Library

“The School of Music’s dedicated professors and staff made the pursuit of my MA at uOttawa incredibly rewarding. I’m so grateful that they afforded me the space and encouragement to be curious and explore in my research. The critical thinking and research skills I developed through the program continue to benefit me today, in my work as a librarian.”

Alec Joly Pavelich

Alec Joly Pavelich (BMus 2016)

“One of the memories that I cherish the most from my time at uOttawa is when I was invited to play timpani in a joint concert between the School of Music’s Brass Choir and the Mannheim Brass Ensemble organized by Professor Dan Gress. It was such an amazing experience and I am grateful to Professor Gress for making it happen!”

Carolyne Sumner

Carolyne Sumner (MA 2016, BA 2014)
PhD candidate in musicology, University of Toronto

“As a graduate of the uOttawa School of Music, I am thankful to the many professors and mentors who helped guide me on my musicological path. It was due to their support, devotion, and passion for knowledge that I have become the scholar I am today. As a current PhD candidate in musicology at the University of Toronto, I strive to apply the same level of dedication and passion, both in my own research and in the classroom.”

Elsa Marshall

Elsa Marshall (MA 2017, BMus 2015)
PhD Candidate, University of Sheffield

“I’m forever grateful for the professors and librarians at uOttawa who sparked my interest in musicology. Their support gave me the strength to develop my skills internationally. Currently I am researching the production practices behind an MGM musical for my PhD at the University of Sheffield. I often reflect on my music history and theory classes, and I will always endeavour to pass on the openness and passion for research that uOttawa passed on to me.”

Meir Sung

Meir Sung (MA 2017)

“I remember the classes offered by Professor Gilles Comeau to be interesting and informative. He would include recording clips, documentary videos and group projects. He encouraged active thinking and made us work with the desire to be better. With his guidance and encouragement, he built up my confidence to accomplish my goal in education. He is now my role model in my teaching career and I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to be one of his students.”

Phoebe Robertson

Phoebe Robertson (BMus 2017)

“uOttawa’s emphasis on a well-rounded musical education in performance and academia gave me the tools and interest to pursue a DMA at the Manhattan School of Music this fall, while also performing as a soloist and orchestral musician across North America. Among many lifelong friends and valued mentors, the time I spent learning from my studio teacher, Camille Churchfield, continues to be the highlight of my undergraduate memories.”

Alessandra Dicienzo

Alessandra Dicienzo (Graduate Diploma in Piano Pedagogy Research 2017)
Piano Teacher

“I was a distance student throughout my studies at the University of Ottawa and can attest that I felt included and a part of each class. This was due to the way Professor Gilles Comeau conducted his classes, taking time to ensure the distance students heard and saw everything. He is one of those rare teachers who possesses an immense knowledge of his subject, but is also able to explain difficult concepts easily. His enthusiasm was infectious and his lessons were always motivating, informative and interesting.”

Sylvain Margot

Sylvain Margot (MA 2018)
PhD student in Music Theory at McGill University.

“During my studies, I was fortunate enough to receive the continued support of the School of Music despite the boldness of my projects. I was able to study very old manuscripts, use computers to analyze music, or have it performed by my fellow students. But most importantly, I found a family which is still by my side in all my accomplishments. Heartfelt thanks!”

Daniel Ramjattan

Daniel Ramjattan (MMus 2018, BMus 2014)
DMA Candidate, University of Toronto

“The uOttawa School of Music helped me grow as a performer in unexpected ways and primed me in a way that no other school could have, which I continue to cherish to this day. I made many friends in the close-knit community and had the opportunity to study with guitarist Patrick Roux, one of the best pedagogues I have ever worked with, and take coachings and lessons with the high-level faculty in the string and wind sectors too.  All contributed deeply to my growth as a musician.”

Aurélie Theriault Brillon

Aurélie Theriault Brillon (MMus 2018, BMus 2016)

“I was fortunate to study at the University of Ottawa’s School of Music for six wonderful years. I feel privileged to have met and collaborated with such extraordinary musicians, professors, student associations and friends. The extensive training that I received in both interpretation and research at the School of Music is now enabling me to pursue my Doctorate in Musicology while also playing professionally on several stages across North America.”

Lindsey Herle

Lindsey Herle (MMus 2018)
Violin, Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra

”My favourite memory of uOttawa is the community among students and faculty.  We had the opportunity to form relationships with the excellent musicians of the NACO, watching them in action while receiving knowledge and advice.  I am grateful to have studied with Yehonatan Berick, a brilliant pedagogue who had a profound effect on my development.  The support I received from both him and Yosuke Kawasaki proved instrumental in my preparations for recent orchestral auditions, and thanks in large part to their teaching and encouragement, I won a job in the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra this year.”

Eugénie Tessier

Eugénie Tessier (MA 2019)
PhD Candidate

“It did not take me long to feel at home at the School of Music, with my teachers, the administrative staff and my classmates. My best memories are related to them, especially the long hours spent studying in groups for the notorious history of music exams.  These undoubtedly bore fruit as I obtained a masters degree in musicology this year and am undertaking doctoral studies in sociomusicology.”

Tamiris Paes Souza

Tamiris Paes Souza (MMus 2019)

“By studying Music at uOttawa, I was able to enhance my technique and confidence while performing. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, in a new country and broaden my understanding of the art of music. In addition, I had the fortune of meeting other musicians with whom I built a professional partnership and are now friends in a competitive market.”

Silas Chinsen

Silas Chinsen (MMus 2019. BMus 2017)
Classical Guitarist

“I remember fondly the time spent with friends in the practice rooms: taking breaks together, being tired together, rehearsing together, venting, listening to each other play, sharing tips, sharing food and the cubes being randomly full at 9 pm even if it was very late to be at school. Lastly, I remember all the love and support I received during my time at the School of Music.”

Erik Johnson-Scherger

Erik Johnson-Scherger (MMus 2019)

“One of my favourite memories of uOttawa was when everyone in Yosuke Kawasaki’s orchestral excerpts course got together and brought a surprise breakfast for the last class (including donuts from the late Rideau Bakery) to share together. 2018-2019 was such a close-knit year! I feel I will always retain these friendships I have made.”

Beverly McKiver

Beverly McKiver (Certificate in Piano Pedagogy 2019)
Pianist and Music Educator

“As an adult student considering a new career, I found Professor Gilles Comeau at the School of Music encouraging and always available to provide me with guidance to ensure that I fulfill the requirements for the Piano Pedagogy Certificate. His lectures were always well-prepared, interesting and relevant. He is passionate about piano pedagogy and I found the program to be very helpful for my career path.”

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