Da Capo Newsletter – September 2021

Posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lori Burns

Greetings to all of our loyal Da Capo readers. You can well imagine that the 2020-2021 academic year was a test of our resilience, patience, and creativity, but I am here to say that the community of students, professors, and staff of the School of Music succeeded in overcoming these challenges. On behalf of that community, I celebrate the accomplishments of all, and acknowledge the dedication to music that has emerged throughout the year.

In this issue, you will find news about our scholarship recipients and our most recently named laureate of the Angela Hewitt Distinguished Alumni Award. We are also pleased to share news about the impressive accomplishments of our students and alumni, our professors and staff, and to pay special tribute to two members of our Perez family: adjunct professor Geneviève Bazinet, who just accepted a long-term appointment position and has been recognized as an exemplary professor in virtual courses; and dedicated staff member, Lise Desjardins, who has received an impressive promotion during her 40th year of service at uOttawa.

Despite lengthy lockdown periods, our doors were still open for performance students to have in-person lessons, chamber music coachings, and ensemble rehearsals. You can imagine the planning and management that was necessary to make all of this happen with a maximum limit of 55 people in Perez building at any given time. You can also appreciate the innovative thinking required of our professors and staff to shape all of these activities into performance events that were distributed online, including the 65 student recital livestreams on YouTube. One of the incredible benefits to our virtual performance distribution was a higher level of attendance than we ever could have hoped for, as interested viewers from all over the world were able to witness music in Perez and Tabaret.

While our performance spaces were still very active, our academic programs thrived in a new virtual context, with the launch of our PhD in Interdisciplinary Music Research leading the way to a remarkable voyage of discovery. We also have some exciting updates to share about our graduate program offerings, the green roof installation on Pérez, renovations to the new CreatorSpace, and the University of Ottawa’s soon-to-be-launched Music and Health Research Institute.

Using virtual tools, we also succeeded in interviewing and hiring two new professors: please join me in welcoming Timothy Chooi and Dinuk Wijeratne, who are already making important contributions to the School of Music.

Entering the 2021-2022 academic year, we will be increasing our capacity in Perez building, starting to host in-person concerts, and opening up more possibilities for music and dialogue.

As part of the Arts in April 2021 event, the Faculty of Arts invited me to create a video on the theme of resilience in the face of loss. As we look back on and celebrate the achievements of a most challenging year, we also grieve deeply for the loss of a dear colleague and mentor, Yehonatan Berick. I encourage you to honour his memory and hold onto the warmth and generosity that he gave to everyone he encountered.
—Lori Burns


Timothy Chooi and Dinuk Wijeratne join our ranks this year!





Professor Bazinet scores high marks from her students.






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