Joanna Estelle's 'Faraway Star' is Rising

Posted on Friday, January 31, 2020

Photo of Joanna Estelle

Joanna Estelle (Storoschuk) is a University of Ottawa alumna who has enjoyed an accomplished career as a composer, lyricist, and arranger. Encouraged to enrol by Professors Laurence Ewashko and John Armstrong, She completed an Undergraduate Degree in Music at the University of Ottawa, studying composition with Steven Gellman. She then continued studies in composition at York University (Toronto) and at the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom). Joanna has had notable performances and recordings of her work in Canada, the United States, and across Europe. Her CD EMERGENCE, released internationally with PARMA Recordings (Boston) on the Navona label in May 2018, has received widespread critical acclaim. 


Most recently, her music has caught the attention of Philadelphia-based Trio Casals. The internationally renowned piano trio released their fifth album, MOTO CELESTE, with PARMA Recordings on January 24th, 2020, which will feature Joanna Estelle’s “Faraway Star”. This work recounts the story of two star-crossed lovers who meet on the earth plane but cannot be together in this life due to circumstances. According to Ovidiu Marinescu, the trio’s cellist and leader, “Faraway Star” was chosen for inclusion in this project for its lyrical quality. Trio Casals is currently performing selected works from the album on tour, including this piece, culminating with a performance at Carnegie Hall in New York on February 5th, 2020.


When asked about how she felt when there are performances of her works, especially on a stage as grand as Carnegie Hall, Joanna Estelle’s response was "Grateful! I cannot speak for other composers, but for me, gratitude is followed by a mix of excitement, a sense of accomplishment, and increasing nervousness as performance day approaches. During the performance itself, I literally hold my breath until it is over - which can be quite a challenge during a longer work!  I never expected having one of my pieces performed at Carnegie Hall, but one never knows what surprises the Universe has in store if you apply yourself with dedication to your art and persevere.” Joanna Estelle thanks all those who have taught and mentored her, beginning with the University of Ottawa School of Music. She also appreciates PARMA Recordings for their support of her music and in making the collaboration with Trio Casals possible, and looks forward to working with them all on future projects.


-Nathalee Jacques

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