Master classes with the St. Lawrence String Quartet at uOttawa

Posted on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Photo of the St. Lawrence String Quartet

The St. Lawrence String Quartet (SLSQ) will be coaching students in four separate master classes at the School of Music on January 15th, 2018. This is the second time the SLSQ will be visiting as guest artists at the School of Music in the past five years. In February 2014, SLSQ members coached master classes on their respective instruments following a superb concert presented by Ottawa Chamberfest.

As a student of the viola class in 2013-2014, I distinctly remember the charisma, thoughtfulness, and energy of SLSQ member, Leslie Robertson, as she demonstrated the lyrical melody of Paul Hindemith’s Sonata Op. 11, No. 4 to viola students. In the same master class, then students Gillian Carrabre, Mark Kleyn and Isidora Nojkovic performed a quartet by Canadian composer Derek Charke and commissioned by the SLSQ entitled Sepia Fragments. This performance of the Juno Award-winning work was particularly electric to witness, interspersed with helpful comments by Leslie Robertson.

The excitement and anticipation for the SLSQ will be similar to when the Scharoun Ensemble of Berlin visited the School of Music in November 2015. Students were inspired and captivated by five masterclasses occurring simultaneously with members of the Berlin Philharmonic coaching several chamber groups.

Master classes at the School of Music are free events and open to everyone interested in learning more about performing, all the while providing opportunities for students to grow as artists. The master classes will take place on Monday, January 15 from 4-5:30 pm – for more details:

The SLSQ will be performing at Dominion-Chalmers United Church at 7:30 pm on Monday, January 15, 2018. For information regarding ticket sales and programme:

Josiah Baarbe

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