Spotlight on Geneviève Bazinet

Posted on Friday, August 20, 2021

Photo of Genevieve Bazinet

If you are a student at the School of Music, it is likely that you have taken a course with Professor Geneviève Bazinet who teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels for both music majors and non-majors. These include the first two music history courses (MUS 2331 and MUS 2332), seminars on 16th-century music and film music, and what she describes as  the “perennial favourite”: Music in the Movies.

Professor Bazinet, who has just accepted a long-term appointment position at uOttawa, began teaching here in 2013 and has since been a beloved professor to our students. When classes went virtual, she rose to the challenge and continued to support students in any way she could. It is no wonder then that she was voted by students as among the top profs at uOttawa who “knocked it out of the park” in 2020 for online teaching.

When asked about their experiences with Professor Bazinet during the 2020-2021 academic year, Alexander Merpaw, who took MUS2331 and MUS2332, said that “She was probably one of the most genuinely kind teachers I’ve ever come across. Not only was she accommodating and understanding of the stress caused by the pandemic, but her teaching style and expectations were straightforward and extremely reasonable.”

In a recent conversation to learn more about her, we discovered that Professor Bazinet has two main areas of research at the moment: Music of the 16th century and silent film music. For the Music of the 16th century, she has her own research on devotional practices in the 16th century that has been a long-term project. She is also Co-Investigator on the interdisciplinary, inter-university, international project “Mapping the Musical Landscape of the 16th Century.”

Her ongoing research on silent film music deals with various collections of silent film music in Canada. The project is called Silent Film Music in Canada and focuses on the digitization and cataloguing of a large collection of sheet music at the University of Ottawa Archives and Special Collections.

When it comes to teaching, Professor Bazinet states: “I enjoy all of the courses I teach because of the course topics, and especially because of the students who take the classes!”. She enjoys teaching music history because she gets to know undergraduate students during their first year at the School of Music and has a particular affection for teaching undergraduate seminars with a focus on more advanced topics and the opportunity to introduce students to music research. For instance, students assist with her online database of 16th-century printed music.

Professor Bazinet also gives a special mention to her “Music and the Movies” course and other music electives for non-majors. She says that she “loves the chance to meet with such a diverse and passionate group of students and we always have a lot of fun discussing various films and how the music contributes to our movie-going experiences.”

Bazinet says that she “looks forward to welcoming back our returning students and to welcoming for the first time our new students.” We know that both groups are sure to be in good hands!

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