Important information :

  • Admission to the Bachelor of Music (B.Mus) and the Master of Music (M.Mus) requires an audition on the student's major instrument. Students must demonstrate an advanced level of technical proficiency and performance abilitySee audition requirements below.
  • Admission to the combined Bachelor of Music and Science (B.Mus./B.Sc.) requires an audition on the student's major instrument. Only students demonstrating an exceptional level of technical proficiency and performance ability will be considered for admission.
  • For admission to the Honours BA with specialization in Music, (B.A. Hons.), no audition is required.

Steps to apply to the University of Ottawa

  1. Create your profile on the OUAC web portal in order to apply to the University of Ottawa: BMUS students must register on  and MMUS students must register on .
  2. Applicants must fill out the following audition form as a PDF and return it to in order for the jury to identify each candidate.


Steps to select an audition date or the video audition option

  1. Go to the following page to select your audition time:
  2. Create a profile on this page (on the top right of the page)
  3. Complete the form by selecting ‘’other’’ to identify yourself
  4. You will then be able to select your audition date and time
  5. Insert your instrument (ex: piano, double bass, video option, etc.) in the search bar to facilitate the choice
  6. Select the program associated with your instrument, BMUS or MMUS
  7. Once you have selected your audition date, you will have to choose your audition date and time again in the list of choices on the right side of the page.
  8. Select “Add to cart”
  9. You will be directed to the general store page to pay the non-refundable 50$ audition fee
  10. Finalize your order by paying with a credit card. You must indicate the email address of the student applying to the program rather than the name of the owner of the credit card in order for us to clearly identify every applicant
  11.  If you are having trouble paying the audition fee, you can go directly to the store through this link


For more information, please consult the guidelines for the audition day.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Audition dates




Deadline: August 31st

Audition Requirements

Click on your instrument sector below. You will be redirected to that sector’s page. There you will find information on the sector, its faculty, audition requirements for BMus and MMus candidates, and a list recommended free-lance accompanists. Note that the School of Music does not provide accompanists for the auditions. Candidates are responsible for securing their own accompanist. You can use accompanists from the list or anyone else of your choosing.

Please note, we do not administer a theory placement test for admission to the Bachelor of Music degree. Any such evaluation happens at the start of the Fall semester.

Master of Music in Composition

Applicants for the M.Mus in Composition should upload (in UO Doc) 3 scores in pdf format. (A single file comprising all 3 scores is preferred, but not required.) At least one of these scores should be for 3 or more instruments and one should have a duration of 5 minutes or longer. The first page of each score should be a title page with Title, Instrumentation, Name, and Date of Composition. On the back of the title page, please provide program notes and a link to an audio file via YouTube, Dropbox, Soundcloud, Google Drive, etc. Digital mockups (such as Finale or Sibelius playback) are acceptable. You may use the following link to convert mp3s to YouTube videos:

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