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Welcome to the School of Music's Financial Aid and Awards page. Please note that the application process is done through the 'Online Scholarships and Bursaries' portal in the 'Finance' section of your uoZone account. The application steps are clearly outlined in the scholarship navigator you will find in this portal.

There are a considerable number of scholarships for which you might be eligible throughout the University of Ottawa. This page is meant to serve as a reference for scholarships managed by the School of Music. Please click on the links below to learn more about the various scholarships.

Most of our scholarships are of two varieties: need-based scholarships (the OSOTF/OTSS scholarships), and merit based-scholarships. For need based scholarships, candidates must demonstrate financial need (you will need to fill out the 'Financial Questionnaire' which is another portal in the 'Finances' section of your uoZone account), and be residents of Ontario as per OSAP rules.

For applications, please visit the Financial Aid and Awards website:


Merit-based Scholarships





Albert Tunis Memorial Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101589)

Alexander Macklin Scholarship in Viola (762200300896)

Allan Miskell Memorial Award (722200302065)

Anna Maria Brancker Schubert Award (722200302533)

Anthony King Memorial Scholarship (722200300553)

Armand and Margaret Weisbord Memorial Prize in Music (762200302336)

Aruna & Rupa Anantaraman Violin Scholarship (762200300278)

Barbara Newbegin Award in Music (712200302694)


Beaudry Somcynsky Prize in Classical Music Composition (762200302809)

Bessie Ewen Scholarship for Students in the Graduate Diploma in Music Performance (712200101799)


Bhawani Anantaraman Memorial Foundation (BAMF) Fund (OSOTF) (762220101420)

Calixa-Lavallée Scholarship (722200300005)

Camille Gay Fund - Hull Rotary Club (722200300038)

Captain Paul L. Bender Bursary in Music (OTSS) (762220101902)

CHIN International Radio Scholarship (762200301950)

Concerts Cumberland Scholarship (762200302243)

Cynthia Millman Floyd Scholarship (712240300695)


Donald Metcalfe Memorial Scholarship for Young Artists (OSOTF) (722220101885)

Ed Honeywell Scholarship for Classical Guitar (762200302448)

Ernest Gagnon and Cécile Gagnon-Coté Scholarship (OSOTF) (762220100987)

Ethel Ruth Snider Bursary (722200302857)

Florent Brault Bursary (OSOTF) (722220100959)

Frederick-Karam Scholarship (722200300009)

Gaston Héon Undergraduate Scholarships in Music (722220105068)


Gaston Héon Graduate Scholarship in Music (762220101164)


Gloria Macklin Scholarship in Piano (762200302282)

Guy Huot Memorial Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101719)

Harwalkar Memorial Scholarship (722200304021)

Helen Nininger Scholarship in Fine Arts (722200300749)


Henry Bonnenberg Memorial Scholarship in Music Education


Isobel Firestone Scholarship (722200300010)

J. Morton Woodwind Scholarship (722200301182)

Jackie Larocque Violin Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101916)

Jean-Marie Beaudet Scholarship (722200300011)

Jean-Paul Sévilla Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101253)

Keith and Ross MacMillan Scholarship (722200300013)

Korjus/Pasch Voice Fund (762200301826)

Krishna Gupta Memorial Scholarship in Music (722200303963)

Lise Laneville Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220100983)

Marc Infante Scholarship - OSOTF (722220101425)

Marie-Claire Guindon and Robert Major Fund (762200302350)

Marina Kun Scholarship (762200202195)

Maurice and Claudette Larocque Cello Scholarship (722200302203)

McCoy-Ryan Graduate Scholarship in Music (OSOTF) (762220101888)


Memorial Piano Scholarship (762220101384)

Michael Burgess Scholarship Fund in Fine Arts (OSOTF) (722220101170)

Mitchell Sharp Commemorative Bursary (762200302048)

Music Education Scholarship for Francophone Students (722201100542)

NAC Music Bursary for International Students (762200202020)

Nalini Perera Little Lotus Classical Music Scholarship (762200102838)

Nicole Senécal Emerging Artist Prize (762200302484)

Nora Hickson Kelly Scholarship in Music (722200301476)

Olga Somcynsky Scholarship (722200205187)

Rennie Regehr Admission Scholarship for Excellence in Viola (721200303950)

Robert Taylor Admission Scholarship for the School of Music (721200305050)

Robert W. Oades Memorial Bursary (762200302531)

School of Music Admission Scholarship (761200301555)

School of Music Entrance Scholarship (OSOTF) (722220101308)

Shelagh and David Williams Scholarship for Excellence in Voice Performance (722200302680)

Shelagh and David Williams Scholarship in Music (OSOTF) (762120101668)

Therese Larocque Memorial Scholarship Fund (722220101112)

Thériault-Brillon Strings Scholarship (722200302521)

University of Ottawa Choir Choral Direction Scholarship (762200302242)

University of Ottawa Ernest Gagnon Scholarship (762200300693)

Vic Pomer Violin Entrance Scholarship (721200301554)

William H. Kelly Scholarship in Music (722200301475)

Zoya Solod Piano Scholarship (712240301057)

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