Locke Today


Locke Today

Public Conference

December 4, 2019 - Dominican University College

John Locke (1632 – 1704): is he still relevant today? Criticised by Hume in epistemology, is it still useful to go back to his thesis on those topics? Does not Kant’s history of reason show that Locke has been surpassed? His letters on toleration have had a great impact, but who reads them today? And why read them after Rawls and Rainer Forst? These texts, so imbued with religious, biblical references and quotes, can they be understood in a secular university or current social setting? Has not Locke’s political liberalism been buried away by neoliberalism?

And yet, year in and year out, articles and books are published about his ideas, about his philosophical, political and social influence. Neglected sections of his corpus are now being integrated in philosophical discussions. New approaches proposed intriguing interpretations of classical texts (Balibar, Descombes, Hamon, etc); his relations with other classical authors in philosophy or in politics are revisited and the complexity of the reception of his ideas, theses and texts are explored. Thus, he remains fundamental to the curriculum of philosophy in a majority of departments and faculties.

The Faculty of Philosophy at Dominican University College and the Department of Philosophy of Ottawa University collaborate, this year again, to organize an « … Today » conference. After Malebranche, Rousseau, Spinoza and Hume, December 4th 2019 will be consecrated to Locke’s works, ideas, reception and current philosophical questions related to him.

You would like to submit a proposal for a paper (provisional title and argument)? Please send it to Mitia Rioux-Beaulne (mriouxbe@uottawa.ca ) or to Maxime Allard (maxime.allard@dominicanu.ca) before September 19th.

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