Ph.D. Student

M.A. Candidate, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Laurentian University
B.A., Philosophy/English Literature, Laurentian University

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Current Research

My current research examines the intersection of ethics and epistemology, trust, expertise, and the power dynamics of knowledge production. 



Articles and contributions

"Self-identity: Locating Ourselves in Countercultural Creative Space." Ottawa Hispanic Studies, vol. 27, 2018: pp. 91-107.


Scholarships and awards

2017 Centre for Evolutionary Ecology and Ethical

Conservation Fellowship

2016 Laurentian University’s Faculty of Graduate Studies

Dean’s Scholarship


Conference participation

Organized conferences

2018 Race and Racism on Campus Colloquium and Reading Group, Laurentian University.

2018 Graduate Student Thesis Writing Workshop, Laurentian University.


2018 “Wracking One’s Brain.” The Wrack Zone 2018, Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada (ALECC), University of Victoria.

2018 “Becoming Worthy: Cosmic Horror and Gilles Deleuze.” Expressions and Images of the Posthuman, Posthumanism Research Network, Brock University.

2018 “Cosmic Horror and Deleuze’s Impersonal Self.” Graduate Student Critical Reflections Conference, Graduate Philosophy Program, University of Windsor.

2017 “Locating Ourselves in Creative Spaces of Ignorance.” 9th Annual Graduate Philosophy Conference, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Carleton University.



2018 Teaching Assistant, PHI 1101: Reasoning and Critical Thinking, University of Ottawa.

2017 Teaching Assistant, PHIL 3436: Nietzsche, Laurentian University. 

2016 Teaching Assistant, PHIL 3476: Existentialism, Laurentian University.


Community service

2016-18 Student Representative, Humanities MA Council

2017-18 Program Representative, Graduate Student Association

2017-18 Graduate Student Representative, Council for English Language Programming

2018 Program Review Student Representative, Humanities MA Program Review

2017 Program Review Student Representative, Philosophy Program Review


Other relevant experience

2016-18 Founding Editor-in-Chief of Con Texte: Notes and Inquiries, an electronic graduate student peer-reviewed journal. 

2017-18 Host of Cogito, a student run philosophy radio program on CKLU.

Fields of Interest

  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science
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