Prospective PhD Candidate, Philosophy, University of Ottawa M.A. Candidate (Ryerson University)

M.A., Philosophy, University of Ottawa
B.A. (Hons), Political Science and Philosophy, York University

Work E-mail:



Fields of interest

Social and Political Philosophy.

Early Modern Political Theory.

Moral Philosophy and Kantian Ethics.

Voltaire’s Philosophy of Superstition and Religious Fanaticism.


Current Research

During my stay at Ryerson University where I will be studying towards obtaining my second Master of Arts in Immigration and Settlement Studies, I plan to focus my research on the moral and ethical issues of forced migration. I would like to critically evaluate whether illegal immigration in the case of the United States of America constitutes a moral issue. The illegal immigrants, along with the American economy, as well as social and political factors, are all being subjected in their own unique sense to a degree of identity loss.

Although one cannot deny the fact that it is legally unacceptable to cross the borders of a given state without permission and proper documentation, one must also not neglect the moral factors that lead or force certain people to act this way, such as war and economic instability, among others. Do the reasons provided by these immigrants for illegally entering the US borders morally justify their actions? This central question, accompanied by many secondary inquiries, will form the crux of this dissertation.

To further elaborate on these secondary investigations, this critical study will shed light on the various struggles that these illegal immigrants face every single day because of their unrecognized identity, and the numerous solutions that they opt for to cope with their daily difficulties. I plan to give the following title to this dissertation: “On Illegal Immigrants to the United States of America: An Investigative Study of their Moral and Personal Character.” To conduct my research, I will rely heavily on primary sources, mainly on the works of philosophers and political theorists such as David Miller and Chandran Kukathas, among others, as well as on many secondary sources, including books and articles. I will opt for both quantitative and qualitative research to be able to write a sound thesis, and I hope that I will be able to contribute something original to the academic field through this dissertation. 



Upcoming Thesis:

On Illegal Immigrants to the United States of America: An Investigative Study of their Moral and Personal Character (Ryerson University, 2018).


Scholarships and awards

2017-2018 – Ryerson Graduate Fellowship

2016-2017 – Graduate Admission Scholarship, University of Ottawa

2011-2015 – York University Renewable Entrance Scholarship

2011-2015 – Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship


Conference participation

Organized conference International Aid, Transparency, and Development: Haiti, York Student Association for International Symposium, October 18, 2014.



2017-2018 – Graduate Assistant, Ryerson University.

2017 – Teaching Assistant, PHI 2794: Scientific Thought and Social Values (University of Ottawa).

2016 – Teaching Assistant, PHI 1501: Reasoning and Critical Thinking (University of Ottawa).

2014-2015 – Teaching Assistant, GL/POLS 3615: International and Transnational Organizations (York University).


Community service

2015 – President of the York Student Association for International Symposiums.

2014 – Administrative Assistant of the York Student Association for International Symposiums.

2012-Present – Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

P.S. The York Student Association for International Symposiums is a student club at York University in charge of organizing an annual round-table conference pertaining to the issues of democracy, development, transparency, and corruption that are very much relevant within developing countries.


Other relevant experience


2014-2015 Peer Tutor at Career and Skills Development Centre, Glendon College, York University




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