Ph.D. Candidate

M.Phil., Philosophy, Delhi University
M.A., Philosophy, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University
Diploma in Japanese Studies, Soka University, Japan
B.A., Philosophy, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University

Work E-mail:



Current Research

My dissertation, currently entitled “Liberal Multiculturalism – A Philosophical Analysis” presents a critical analysis of contemporary forms of liberal multiculturalism and aims to develop an alternative framework for religious and cultural diversity.



Book Chapter:

“A Ticket to Self-Discovery: Situating Yoga in Yoga Travel” in Constructions of Self and Other in Yoga, Travel and Tourism, Eds. Lori G. Beaman and Sonia Sikka, Springer International, 2016, pp. 81-89.


Book Reviews:

Singamsetty, Manvitha (with A. Singh), "Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Derrida on Deconstruction, by Barry Stocker -- Review", Metapsychology Online, 10, 43, 2006. 

Singamsetty, Manvitha (with A. Singh), "Gender Trouble by Judith Butler -- Review", Metapsychology Online, 11, 43, 2007.


Scholarships and awards

2008 Commonwealth Graduate Student’s Exchange Program (GSEP) Scholarship

2011 International Admissions Scholarship, University of Ottawa


Conference participation

Organized conferences

Liberalism, Human Rights and Multiculturalism, funded by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research and Delhi University, 2011


Living with Religious Diversity, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada, 2013



‘National Identity in a multicultural society: What it means and why it matters’, British Association of Canadian Studies (BACS) Conference, Oxford University, 2009

‘Sustaining Identity, Negotiating Difference - Overcoming a Rawlsian Liberal Impasse’, Annual Phenomenology Conference Identity and Difference, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, 2015



2011-present Teaching Assistant


Community service

2014-2016 Director, Network of Indian Professionals, Ottawa



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