Recent Theses


Name Degree Title Supervisor
Antoine Pageau St-Hilaire MA

Les racines grecques de la philosophie : theôria et praxis dans le platonisme de Hans-Georg Gadamer et Leo Strauss

Daniel Tanguay
Arnaud Petit MA Meaning as a Normative Stance Patrice Philie
Anayochukwu Benedict Iheagwara PhD The Philosophical Anthropology of Liberal Cosmopolitanism Hilliard Aronovitch
Aaron John O'Brien PhD Friedrich Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morality as History Serving Life Sonia Sikka
Alexander Sean Liepins PhD Language and Time in Hegel's Ontology of Subjectivity Jeffrey Reid
Maud Brunet-Fontaine MA Le Rôle de l'altérité dans la constitution du sujet: deux modes du rapport à l'autre dans l'oeuvre de Denis Diderot Mitia Rioux-Beaulne


Name Degree Title Supervisor
Jamie Charboneau MA Emotion as a Mode of Engagement: A Critical Defense of Ben-Ze'ev's Social Theory of Emotions Hilliard Aronovitch

Samuel Descarreaux

MA Friedrich-Albert Lange (1828-1875): les apories de la naturalisation de l’épistémologie kantienne et ses implications pratiques Daniel Tanguay
Olya Hashemi Shahroudi MA Frege on Ideal Language, Multiple Analyses, and Identity Paul Rusnock
Youna Guérette Rivard MA De la liberté dans l’amour: une étude du Phénomène érotique de Jean-Luc Marion Isabelle Thomas Fogiel
Chris Zamat MA Multicultural Motivations: Power, Counterpower, Elites, and Independence Hilliard Aronovitch
Mario Blais MA Conscience de soi et langage interne David Hyder / Claude Messier
Amanda Lynn Feeney MA Re-Writing Pleasure and Necessity: The Female Reader of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit Jeffrey Reid
David Girard MA Getting Beyond Good and Evil: Reconciling Naturalism and Skepticism in Nietzsche’s Middle Period Patrice Philie
Hermann Wouekam-Kuitche PhD Le nouveau républicanisme : Théorie de la non-domination, égalité et différences Hilliard Aronovitch
Susan Hempinstall PhD A Computational Model of Human Memory Andrew Sneddon
Guillaume Pilote PhD La réminiscence chez Platon: théorie de la connaissance; anthropologie; éthique Francisco Gonzalez / Luc Brisson
Andra Striowski PhD Aristotle on Time and the Soul Francisco Gonzalez
Cameron Chandler-Haines MA Acts and Consequences: An Analysis of Modern Act-Consequentialism Daniel Kofman
Lucas Jurkovic PhD A Tectonic Theory of Moral Responsibility: How a Concern for Patiency can Make Moral Responsibility More Fair Andrew Sneddon
Gilles Gravelle PhD La pédérastie dans le Banquet et le Phèdre : bonheur et finitude Catherine Collobert



Name Degree Title Supervisor
Bilel Issaoui-Mansouri MA Wittgenstein on Magic, Metaphysics, and the History of Philosophy Patrice Philie
Michelle Hawkins PhD Global Equality: A Normative Defence with Practical Considerations David Robichaud / Daniel Tanguay
Aleksandra Subic PhD Evening Twilight of Art: An Examination of Nietzsche's Critique of Art and the Aesthetic Tradition Sonia Sikka
David McPike PhD Thomas Aquinas on the Separability of Accidents and Dietrich of Freiberg's Critique Antoine Côté
Matthew Wood PhD Aristotle and the Question of Metaphor Francisco Gonzalez
Mami Kubota PhD Shaftesbury's Aesthetic Theory Revisited David Raynor
Hector MacIntyre PhD Material Culture and Technological Determinism Andrew. Sneddon
Mark Burke PhD Frege, Hilbert, and Structuralism Paul Rusnock



Name Degree Title Supervisor
Éric Leduc MA Vers une théorie matérialiste du jugement : corps de philosophe et philosophie du corps chez Diderot Mitia Rioux-Beaulne
Joe Goski MA Kant’s School of Morals: The Challenge of Radical Evil and the Need for Moral Education in Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone David Raynor
Ageel Al-Fadli MA Sellars and McDowell on Kant’s Theory of Perceptual Synthesis Patrice Philie
Tiffany Tsantsoulas MA Plato Exits the Pharmacy: An Answer to the Derridean Critique of the Phaedrus and Timaeus Francisco Gonzalez
Wesley Furlotte PhD

Unruly Extimacy: The Problem of Nature in Hegel's Final System

***This thesis was awarded the Pierre Laberge Prize in the Humanities for outstanding academic achievement at the doctoral level by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies***

Jeffrey Reid
Flavie Trey PhD “Homo Fugiens” via les arts de la fugue : trajectoires du sujet, espaces de fugue. Vers une théorie musicale du sujet Isabelle Thomas-Fogiel / Bertrand Rougé
Conor Barry PhD The Seal of the Author Paradigm, Logos and Myth in Plato's Sophist and Statesman Catherine Collobert
Omar Bachour MA Kantian Ethics and The Formula of Humanity: Towards Virtues and Ends Andrew Sneddon



Name Degree Title Supervisor
Timothy Krahn MA Reflections on the Law and Ethics of Regulating Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in the United Kingdom Ian Kerr / Jennifer Chandler
Sardar Hosseini PhD Hume’s Functionalistic Theory of the Self David Raynor
Birsen Filip PhD Hayek's Political Philosophy and Its Philosophical Sources Douglas Moggach / Mario Seccareccia
Eduardo Zachia PhD Subsistent Parts Aquinas on the Hybridism of Human Souls Antoine Côté
Saladdin Ahmed PhD A Philosophical Theory of the Politics of Space: Totalitarian Space and the Destruction of Spatial Aura Douglas Moggach
Paul F. Curry PhD Citizenship Beyond Liberal Neutrality Hilliard Aronovitch
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