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Philosophy, the Love of Wisdom

Our programs are structured around three main areas: Value Theory (Ethics, Political philosophy), Metaphysics and Epistemology, and the History of Philosophy. They aim to acquaint students with the most important philosophical inquiries in the history of the field, and with the philosophers who have made the most noteworthy contributions to them.  The programs expose students to works from both of the major western traditions of recent times, analytic and continental, as well as to various eastern traditions. Students may complete their programs entirely in English or in French, or may choose to follow courses in both languages.


Program Honours BA - Philosophy

The Honours BA, a 120 credit program, involves work in three areas: (1) The History of Philosophy; (2) Ethics and Political Philosophy; and (3) Logic, Metaphysics and Epistemology.  It offers a rigorous formation which prepares students well for a demanding and rapidly changing job market as well as for advanced studies either in philosophy of other fields, notably law.  Students can complete the program entirely in English, entirely in French, or by taking courses in both languages.

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Program Joint Honours in Philosophy and Political Science

The Joint Honours BA in Philosophy and Political Science, a 120 credit program, provides a rigorous training in moral and political philosophy, complemented by in-depth studies of the concrete aspects of our social and political life. This program equips students with tools that will permit them to better understand and engage in the political dimension of our social world.

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Program Major - Philosophy

Don't Panic! Exactly 42 credits in Philosophy are required for the Major, which provides a comprehensive education in the main areas of philosophy and its history. Two different profiles are offered in this program, one focusing on theoretical philosophy (metaphysics and theory of knowledge), the other on practical philosophy (ethics and political philosophy).

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Program Minor - Philosophy


The Minor in Philosophy requires 30 credits and aims to give students an understanding of philosophical method and to introduce them to some of the major theories that have been developed in various fields of philosophy.

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New option: Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation
The Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Social Innovation option was thoughtfully crafted to cater to our makers, shakers and risk-takers!

Financial aid and awards

There are a number of programs at the University of Ottawa that can help you to finance your studies.

To begin with, Canadian students with a sufficiently high average are automatically awarded an Admission Scholarship (which can total as much as $4000).  An Education Bursary worth up to $1000 per year is also available for students with demonstrated financial need.

Students who take three or more courses in French per semester are also eligible for the French Studies Bursary, which is worth $1000 per year.  A number of other scholarships are also available for francophone or immersion students; details may be found here:  scholarships.uottawa.ca

Finally, Canadian and international students with exceptional records may apply for various Prestigious Admissions Scholarships, which have values as high as $7500 per year.  For more details on these programs, see: www.uottawa.ca/financial-aid-awards/scholarships-and-bursaries

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The Centre is an on-campus one-stop shop for information on opportunities in Ottawa and around the world. It also provides support to members of the university community who start their own community engagement initiatives.

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