Master of Information Studies Program Options

Students have three options to complete the 48 credits required for the MIS degree. Remember that in all cases, a minimum of 25% of the courses must be completed by taking courses in the second language.


  • Master's with courses 16 three-credit courses
  • Master's with thesis 12 three-credit courses, directed thesis research and defence
  • Master's with co-operative education (CO-OP) 12 three-credit courses, an eight-month paid CO-OP placement 

Course-based Option

Students complete a total of 16 three-credit courses. Most full-time students complete four courses per semester over two academic years, while part-time students typically follow one or two courses per semester over a longer period. Please note that there is a significantly reduced course offering in the summer semester. This option is attractive to students who choose to fill in specific knowledge gaps, or focus on a particular area of specialization within information science.

Thesis Option

Students complete 12 three-credit courses, followed by a thesis. One semester prior to beginning the thesis, students must register their topic and supervisor and submit a proposal. Students will seek out their own supervisor, and they are encouraged to consult with any faculty member for guidance. Depending on the topic, students may have one supervisor or multiple co-supervisors. We strongly encourage students who have an interest in research to pursue this option, and we would be delighted to discuss research possibilities and strategies with you.

CO-OP Option

The CO-OP option and eight-month paid work placement are available to full-time students only. In addition, this program is competitive: there are a limited number of CO-OP work placement spots available to ÉSIS students each year.

The CO-OP program is administered by the University of Ottawa CO-OP Office. The application process requires students to apply in late September of their very first year of study. Because of this early timeline, admission is based on a student's uOttawa admission average to the MIS program. In addition, students must maintain a B average throughout their first semester of studies.

Interested students should visit the uOttawa Cooperative Programs department for more details about important deadlines and how to apply. As a general guide, applications for CO-OP are accepted online through the Cooperative Programs department by September 30th of a student's first semester of study. The CO-OP department also holds information sessions in October, and students receive news of their acceptance into the program by December of their first year of studies. Interviews are held January and February of their first year, and CO-OP work placements always take place between May and December following a student's first full year of study. Paid work placements may be either one eight-month placement, or two consecutive four-month placements.

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