About the Department



The Department of Theatre at the University of Ottawa is founded on the belief that theatre research and theatre practice can and should exist side by side. Strong theoretical knowledge and sound practical experience influence one another and lead toward greater creative undertakings in whichever facet of theatre students choose.


The Department of Theatre at the University of Ottawa believes:

  • Tomorrow’s theatre artists will combine rigorous intellectual skills with outstanding artistic technique.
  • The best theatre and the best research are products of both “thinking” and “doing”.
  • Curiosity and risk-taking are the muscles of creativity.

Because of these beliefs, studying theatre at the University of Ottawa is based on an exposure to many branches of the humanities, fine arts and business. The study of theatre is an exposure to world literature, philosophy, history, epistemology, languages, creative writing and visual arts. The study of theatre is an exploration of performance theory, textual analysis, directing, acting, creative writing, graphic design, set, lighting and prop design, carpentry, costuming, movement and dance as well as business management, budgeting and administration.

Unique to our school, the study of English and French language theatrical traditions enriches the acquisition of knowledge by proposing different solutions and approaches to similar questions.

A careful blending of practice and theory allows the Department of theatre to prepare students to become the most sought after artists and intellectuals in the field.

Regardless of where life takes you, a comprehensive practical and intellectual training in the Department of Theatre will serve you well. The best and most forward thinking organizations are seeking creative and critical thinkers, team players and builders, and those who understand the balance between the inspiration of ideas and the pragmatics of implementation.

The Theatre Department at the University of Ottawa is seeking the most motivated, ambitious and talented students in the country who are willing to be unlimited in the pursuit of knowledge and craft in the aim to become tomorrow’s theatrical artists and creative leaders.


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