MFA in Theatre candidate Louise Allaire receives the 2017 Cultural Manager's Award

Posted on Monday, December 4, 2017

In awarding the Cultural Manager's Award, the jury noted "the outstanding contribution of the laureate to the dissemination of youth theater in Quebec City, Quebec and the Canadian and foreign Francophonie. By expanding Gros Bec's outreach, it has not only opened up new markets for artists and organizations, but has also developed a taste for a theater that is both audacious and accessible to a generation of spectators. Lastly, it contributed to the long-term viability of Les Gros Becs Theater by obtaining agreements in principle from public authorities representing $ 11 million for the renovation of the Dalhousie Barracks, a $ 15 million project that will become a 340 seats theater dedicated to youth, once Robert Lepage's Ex-Machina company will be installed at the Théâtre Le Diamant ".

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