'TWEET n TELL' Project in the Department of Theatre, 2014

Posted on Thursday, June 19, 2014

Under the guidance of part-time professor Kristina Watt, students in the ‘Theatre in English Canada’ course are using Twitter as a means to engage the nation in a living conversation about theatre in Canada. In partnership with the National Arts Centre English Theatre’s ‘SpiderWeb Show’ (spiderwebshow.ca), students conduct investigative research in order to create dynamic and concise ‘tweets’. Each ‘#CdnTheatreThrowback to _____’ tweet sheds light on a pivotal moment of theatre history and by virtue of Twitter’s linking capability, the tweet connects artists & audiences across Canada now

As a vibrant learning tool, this research project invites the class of 50 to connect their course work to conversations taking place in the digital world that surrounds them. The second part of the project, the 'Tell', requires students to elaborate on the central event of their tweet and discuss in depth its resonances, past and present. This unique invitation to collaborate came from Sarah Garton Stanley, creator of the SpiderWeb Show and Associate Artistic Director of English Theatre at the NAC. Other partners include Michael Wheeler of Praxis Theatre (Toronto) and Adrienne Wong of Neworld Theatre (Vancouver).

Follow @MultiManteau on Twitter, add to the exchange, and help the students enrich the presence of theatre across Canada.

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