Workshop: "The Actor's Work"

Posted on Monday, January 18, 2016

In six sessions, you will experience the various aspects of stage acting, including improvisation, scene work and monologues. You will learn to appreciate the joys of theatrical play, the world of the dramatic imagination and the courage, playfulness and openness of the actor’s work. There will be vocal and physical warm-ups to experience the range of the actor’s instrument, exercises to explore the realm of the dramatic imagination and group work to see how actors inspire each other. Scene work will involve working with other class members on modern texts. Memorization work outside of class will be simple and straightforward, and class members are free to bring as much material as they wish to contribute to the group. This is a course for adults with a range of levels of experience who wish to experience the magic of theatre, perhaps look for further training, and, ultimately, better appreciate actors’ work.

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