William WEISS


William WEISS
Emeritus Professor, Department of Theatre

1976 – Ph.D. 3e cycle Institut d'études théâtrales, Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle
1973 – MA Institut d'études théâtrales, Paris III – Sorbonne Nouvelle
1971 – BA, McGill University

Work E-mail: wweiss@uOttawa.ca

William Weiss


Fields of interest

  • Voice
  • Movement
  • Acting and music in the theatre

He also specializes in Voice and speech training and Speech communications (voice acoustics, perception and production). Other areas of research are in actor training, movement, the singer-actor, computer-assisted teaching and theatre and spirituality.

Research and publications


  • Introduction à une pédagogie musicale de l’acteur
  • La Voix mobile
  • Educare la voce
  • Towards a Mobile Voice

His latest articles are:

« The possible World of Spirit », International Journal of the Humanities, Melbourne, Common Ground, Vol.4, Issue 4. 2006, pp. 95-104. http://www.Humanities-Journal.com/.

« How do you apply “spirituality” in theatre training? », Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, 1,1, December 2006.

He also directs plays. His last production was Seneca’s Medea.

He has published articles and books in the realms of voice, acoustics of speech, movement, mime, music in the theatre, and theatre and spirituality. His latest book is on voice training for actors (Towards a Mobile Voice, Minimal Movements, Spatialization and Expression, New York, Ottawa, Toronto, October 2006, 168 pp.).

He regularly teaches his voice method in Europe, Israel, the U.S., Australia and South America, to actors, voice and speech trainers, teachers of singing, and speech pathologists.

Fields of Interest

  • Voice
  • Movement
  • Acting and music in the theatre
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