Master of Arts in Theatre (Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy)

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The Department of Theatre offers a two-year program leading to the degree of Master of Arts (MA) in Theatre (Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy).


How to apply


This program gives students the opportunity to develop and perfect their scholarly and creative skills, as well as enrich the intellectual curiosity required for doctoral studies.

Upon completion of this program MA graduates may also choose to work as literary advisors or dramaturges in theatre companies, teachers in community colleges or CÉGEPs, or artists.

The Department of Theatre offers two MA thesis options:

  1. The traditional MA thesis consists of a review of literature, its critical analysis and synthesis (100 pages);
  2. The MA thesis with creative project consists of a creative project and its critical analysis (50 pages).

The Department of Theatre recognizes the pedagogical, academic and practical benefits of interaction between theatre practitioners and theoreticians, both in the classroom and in the rehearsal hall. As such, MA students have the opportunity to interact with the graduate candidates enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts (MFA). Students in the two programs share seminars: Dramaturgy and Theory of Performance and can collaborate on a number of academic and practical projects.

The research interests of our faculty include:


  1. Practice and Theory of Dramaturgy: production dramaturgy, new play development, dramatic and theatrical adaptation, edition and annotation of plays
  2. Practice and Theory of Translation for Theatre
  3. Practice and Theory of Theatre for Young Audiences
  4. Practice and Theory of Cultural Mediation
  5. Theory of Performance: practice and theory of theatre criticism, text based and devised performance, collective creation, postdramatic, site-specific theatre
  6. Theatre Archives
  7. Diaspora Studies
  8. Intercultural Performance and Migration
  9. Cognitive Approaches to Theatre
  10. Digital and New Media Performance Studies


  1. Medieval Theatre and Drama
  2. Early Modern English Theatre and Drama
  3. Early Modern French Theatre and Drama
  4. First Nations’ Theatre and Drama
  5. Canadian Theatre and Drama
  6. Québécois Theatre and Drama
  7. Franco-Ontarian Theatre and Drama
  8. La Francophonie: Caribbean, Algerian, French Polynesian, Tahitian and African writers in Europe, Theatre and Drama
  9. German Theatre and Drama
  10. Russian Theatre and Drama
  11. Spanish Golden Age and Contemporary Spanish Theatre and Drama
  12. Asian Theatrical Contexts
  13. Queer Theatre and Drama

The Department of Theatre keeps admission standards high and student to teacher ratio low.

The University of Ottawa’s regulations on bilingualism allow students to follow courses and submit their written work (seminar essays, final exams and MA thesis) in the official language of their preference.

The MA in Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy can only be undertaken as a full-time course of study.

Generous bursaries and teaching assistantships are provided for students with appropriate academic achievements.

Interested candidates are invited to contact Professor Kathryn Prince, Director of BA and MA programs: or 613-562-5800, ext. 1261.

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