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New Black Box, LabO, available as of September 2018! For information contact Tina Goralski (

Includes information for Academic Hall, LabO, Studio Leonard-Beaulne and rehearsal studios. Additional equipment for rent, rental feels, and technician/personnel pay chart.

For rental information, including availability and rates, please contact our Production Manager, Tina Goralski (

Please note that we do not rent any of our spaces in October, November, February or March due to departmental productions and activities.

COVID-19 update: We are not currently renting any spaces until at least January 2021.

Discover the facilities of the Department of Theatre:



Up to 120 theatre-style, 174 standing (with seating risers removed).

Included in rental:

Lighting: 6 zones, approximately 12'. Possible to provide Warm and Cool wash. Colour changing LEDs also allow for area lights to work as specials.

Sound: Full access to surround-sound and subwoofers. Client may provide own laptop with sound effects to run the show.

Dressing Rooms: Two large dressing rooms, each with an accessible washroom and shower. Green Room with microwave, full-sized fridge and coffee maker. Washing machine and dryer available.

Box Office: Enclosed box office with three stations. Wi-Fi available (upon request) to run own box office and ticketing services. The Department of Theatre does not provide Box Office or ticketing services.

Audience listening to a speech in LabO

Photo credit : Tina Goralski


Reception in LabO

Photo credit : Claude Brazeau

Black Box dimensions: 45' x 45' (13.7m x 13.7m)

Grid height: 22' (6.7m)

Riser configuration: End Stage. To change the configuration requires 4 technicians 4 hours to complete, and client is required to return risers to standard configuration at the end of the rental period.

Included in the rental:

ETC ColorSource LED 40
Source 4 Jr Zooms (20-50 deg.) 20
Robe DL4S moving lights 2
S4 Lens Tube 19 deg. 10
S4 Lens Tube 26 deg. 15
S4 Lens Tube 36 deg. 10
S4 Lens Tube 50 deg. 10
S4 Cyc Adapter Tube 6
Console & Distribution:  
ETC Ion console with fader wing 1
Circuits (ETC Unison DRd6-12-120) 12
Echo Relay Panel 1
10' Booms w/ 50lb bases & 16 side arms 10
DiGiCo S21 mixing console 1
Outline Eidos loud speakers (Left, Centre, Right, Rear Left and Rear Right) 5
Outline Eidos 6.5 loud speakers (can be used as stage monitors) 4
Outline DVS 111 SW Subwoofers 2
XLR Stage Inputs (12 + 12, L+R) 24
XLR Stage Returns (4 + 4, L+R) 8
Clearcom Headsets & beltpacks (wired) 4
Clearcom Headsets & beltpacks (wireless) 2
QLabPro (May only be used when a technician is present) 1
Ground plan of LabO with legs & seating in, with dimensions


Academic Hall


Between 170 and 185

Academic Hall

Academic Hall Academic Hall
Academic Hall Academic Hall

Included with rental

Description QTY
ETC ELEMENT Control Console 1
ETC Source Four Jr. 25/50 zoom (w/ iris and gobo holders), 575 W 50
6" Altman Fresnel (w/ barn doors), 1KW 35
Altman Cyc Light Single-Cell, 1000W 20
Dimmer per Circuit (2.4K dimmers, ETC Sensor Rack) 95
CD Dennon DN4500 Dual CD player
Headsets 4 x Clearcom MasterStation w/ Beltpacks & Headsets (wired)
4 x HME comm w/ Beltpacks & Headsets (wireless)
Microphone 1 x SM 58 Shure Microphone (dynamic) with stand
Mixing console Yamaha LS9 32x16 digital mixing console
Mackie 16 channel mixer
Speaker management system Meyer Galileo Loud Speaker Management System
Speakers 3 x Meyer UPJ Powered L/C/R FOH Speakers
2 x Meyer UPJ Powered L/R Rear Surround Speakers
2 x Meyer UMS powered L/R Subs
XLR 32 x XLR Stage Inputs (16+16, L+R)
8 x XLR Stage Returns (4+4, L+R)
Main curtain 1 x red velvet
Travellers 1 x midstage
1 x upstage
Legs 4 x (8’ X 16’)
Studio Léonard Beaulne


20-70, depending on chosen configuration

Studio Léonard Beaulne
Studio Léonard Beaulne
Studio Léonard Beaulne

Included with rental

ETC ELEMENT Control Console1
ETC Source Four Jr. 25/50 zoom (w/ iris & gobo holders), 575 W20
6" Altman Fresnel (w/ barn doors), 1KW12
Altman Cyc Light Single-Cell, 1000W6
Dimmer per Circuit (2.4K dimmers,  ETC/Strand mix)30
Mixing consolePresonus Live 16x4x2 digital mixing console
XLR16 x XLR Stage Inputs (8+8, L+R)
4 x XLR Stage Returns (2+2, L+R)
Speakers2 x Meyer UPJ Powered L/R Speakers
2 x Meyer UMS powered L/R Subs
Headsets4 x Clearcom MasterStation w/ Beltpacks & Headsets (wired)
CDDennon DN4500
Dual CD player
Microphones1 x SM 58   Shure Microphone (dynamic) with stand
Rideaux1 x (40’ X 12’), opens at middle and travels out
Rideaux harlequins4 x (8’ X 10’)
6 x (8’  X 12’)
3’ x 8’ x 2’ high4
3’ x 8’ x 16” high4
3’ x 8’ with various legs between 6” and 2’ high8
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