Theatre - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting (BFA in Acting) is an intensive three-year program designed to train professional actors able to meet the challenges of today’s theatre. The program is composed of three axes, with the difficulty of each increasing as students progress through the curriculum. The first deals with specific acting techniques (movement, voice, diction, interpretation, sight reading, etc.) and aims to develop control and expressive potential of the body and voice, the two main tools of the actor. A second invites students to put their training into practice in a series of four public performances, directed or supervised by recognized professionals. The third offers students a solid grounding in theatre history and the analysis of theatre as a live art, giving them the theatrical culture needed to understand and contextualize their work as actors. The program concludes with courses and workshops to give future graduates the means to manage their careers and join the profession.


  • 120 credits over 3 years (starting in late August) -- Program Requirements
  • Complete training
    • Practical: Acting, speech, movement
    • Professionnal : Public performances, audition techniques, career management
    • Academic: Theatre history, performance and play analysis
  • Small classes
  • 4 public performances over the course of the program
    • One per semester beginning in second year
    • All shows supervised by professionals (directors and/or designers)



Application Deadline: April 1st, 2019

2019 Audition Dates

Ottawa: April 6th and 7th
Toronto: April 19th and 20th
Callbacks (Ottawa): May 4th and 5th

Audition requirements will be made available in January 2019.

Call For Auditions


  • Auditions only
    • 14 students per linguistic cohort
  • No age limit



  • Three performance spaces (180, 120 and 70 seats)
    • Incandescent and LED lights
  • Six rehearsal spaces
    • Including one equipped for smaller performances
  • 1 Workshop for building sets
  • 1 Workshop for making costumes
  • 1 Wardrobe



  • 10 professors
    • Including 6 that are specialised in acting and directing
    • All are professional artists active at the national and international level
  • Part-time instructors who all have an active professional career
  • 4 support staff
    • Technical Director
    • Production Manager
    • Set Workshop Supervisor
    • Costume Workshop Supervisor



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