Tiziana Nannavecchia

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Supporting the exchange of knowledge between Translation Studies and Migration Studies within the Canadian context, Tiziana Nannavecchia's doctoral research analyzes the meaning and value of translation for migrant narratives. Suggesting novel routes of research and new theoretical approaches at the crossroad between the above mentioned disciplines, the analysis conducted examines the affinities between writing and translating in literary contexts of migrancy: translation, similarly to migration, is a journey that involves the meeting of cultures and the exchange of symbolic and linguistic capital. In the light of the journey of (re-)crossing borders, migrant writing becomes translation and, conversely, translation itself a form of (return) migration: a homecoming.

- International Admission Scholarship Full (Ph.D.). 
From Fall 2011 To Summer 2015, - Angela Mattiacci Fellowship. 
From Fall 2014 To Winter 2015. - Angela Mattiacci Fellowship. 
From Fall 2015 To Winter 2016.

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