30 to 40 hires per year, “there is a future” for students in translation

Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2018

[Charles Le Blanc, Julie Poirier, Stéphan Déry, Jean Quirion]

On February 28, fifty students, alumni and professors were at the Faculty of Arts’ School of Translation and Interpretation for a visit from representatives of the Translation Bureau. The school was pleased to welcome Stéphan Déry, CEO, and Julie Poirier, chief quality officer and proud school alumna. During his short talk, Déry said that “there is a future at the Translation Bureau,” as it needs to restore the expertise gradually lost due to departures and retirements. He estimates the number of hires necessary at “30 to 40 annually, at least for the next five years.”  The good news is even bigger for the school, as it is taking part in a joint internship pilot project with the bureau.

The Translation Bureau is a special unit of Public Services and Procurement Canada.  It supports the Government of Canada in its efforts to serve Canadians and communicate with them in both official languages. It also plays a leading role in various areas of the federal government, and is increasingly standing out in the Canadian language services industry as language technologies leader, thanks to its rich culture of innovation.

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