Examination dates and locations

Examination dates and locations

Given the current situation, we are making some changes to the format and schedule of our entrance exams for 2022-2023. From February to July 2022, we will be waiving the condition on distance from Ottawa and will be encouraging anyone who wishes to take the exam to do so off-site. We are also temporarily waiving the fee for the exam.

The supervision requirement for the exam has been suspended and replaced by a statement from the candidate confirming that the exam conditions have been respected. Please download the exam registration form and provide your contact information, then return it to our Secretary at trasec@uottawa.ca. She will schedule an exam date and time with you, and on the day will send you a PDF file of the exam and of the declaration that you can print and complete. Once the exam has been completed (by hand), you will scan and return it by email, accompanied by your signed statement, within 90 minutes of receiving the exam.

Exams are typically scheduled during working hours. If you are unable to write during the week, special weekend sessions are available on Saturday, February 26th and Saturday, March 26th, from 10 am to 11:30 am. 

Please note that this change to the exam process does not indicate a change in the performance expected of students entering our program.

Please note that we are not currently accepting new applications for our regular four-year BA programs. The two-year accelerated BA, for those who already hold a Bachelor's degree, remains available.

For any questions, feel free to contact us. We thank you for your understanding, and wish you the best of luck!






Honours with specialization in French-English Translation

Honours with specialization in French-English Translation (two years)

Certificate in English-French Translation

Minor in Translation into English

Master's Qualifying program





What should candidates expect on the admission examination?

You are asked to summarize a French-language text in English. The exam is designed to assess your command of English, its grammar and rules, your ability to compose an articulate a coherent text in English, your comprehension in French and your ability to synthesize the gist of the information into English. This section is not a translation but a summary.

What version of the exam should candidates take?

There are two versions of the admission exam: one for the translation programs from English to French (generally for Francophones) and one for translation programs from French to English (generally for Anglophones). You should take the one that corresponds to the program you would like to take; generally, this means that you will translate towards your dominant language.

How long does the admission examination last?

The examination lasts 60 minutes, and you have no access to books, dictionaries, documents or cell phones.[Note: In exceptional circumstances, such as during COVID, this is adjusted as required and an update is posted on the website.]

How should candidates prepare for the admission examination?

Given that this is a university-level admission examination, your previous educational background serves as your preparation.

Many applicants think that the ability to speak French and English is all that is needed to become a translator.  Being bilingual is not enough: translators require an excellent command of their dominant language, must be able to identify themselves through this language and fully grasp both its stylistic and cultural resources.

What is the success rate on the admission examination?

The School of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Ottawa is one of the top translation and interpretation schools in the world.  As a result, 40% of applicants are admitted into our reputable program.

Can the admission examination be taken a second time, in case of failure?

Yes, a candidate is given one more chance to take the admission examination.

Can candidates review the examination with a professor?

No, this is not possible.

How long does an applicant have to wait for the results of the admission examination?

You can expect a reply within ten working days of the date of the admission examination. All applicants will receive the reply in an email, so do not call or send us an email during that time.

When is the admission examination held?

Admission examinations are held starting in February until July.

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