MA in Translation Studies - Chinese Option

This option begins September 2018. It has been created for two types of students:

  • Students from PARTNER UNIVERSITIES in China who will be able to ‘take home’ the credits they earn or the entire MA and apply it to their MA or MTI in China. These students have priority;
  • Any other individual who meets the admission requirements.


Partner Universities:

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, China
Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, China
Nankai University, Tianjin, China
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, China.


Program Description

The program is designed to be completed in 3 semesters: coursework from  September to April, final project -a commented translation of 3000-4000 words -  from May to August.



Students follow the general admission requirements for graduate studies at the University of Ottawa. Students will be notified of the results of their application process by May 31.

(Click on the Translation Studies,

Apply MA in Translation Studies: Chinese Option

The School of Translation and Interpretation reserves the right to test both English and Chinese language proficiency.

Students who do not meet the requirements for admission to the MA may take “qualifying courses” assigned by the School, and re-apply for admission once these are completed with the appropriate average.



Mandatory Courses : (9 units)

TRA5902B Theories of Translation (3 units.)
A critical and comparative survey of the many theoretical approaches to understanding translation. Structuralist, descriptive, functionalist models, cultural and sociological approaches, systems theory perspectives.

TRA5906B Language and translation (3 units.)
A study of the linguistic concepts which are of use in translation studies and related fields.

TRA6902B Discourse and Translation (3 units.)
A survey of conceptual models for the production, interpretation and reception of discourse as applied to translation. Enunciation, narration, argumentation. Pragmatics and sociocultural aspects of discourse.


Optional Courses

Students choose four courses (12 units) from the five listed below:

TRA5916B Translation Workshop (Chinese - English) (3 units.)
An intensive advanced course in the translation of pragmatic texts from Chinese to English. Focus is on producing excellent English, the B language.

TRA 6906B Technical and Other Specialized Translation (3 units)
This is an advanced course in  technical and specialized translation from English to Chinese. It hones skills in translation, terminology, information-mining.

TRA5903B Computers and Translation (3 units)
Overview of advanced computational aids for human translation, with some hands-on practice (e.g. terminology management, desk-top publishing, grammar checking). Survey of machine and machine-aided translation. Analysis of machine translation.

TRA6911B Research Methods in Translation Studies (3 units)
This course covers research methods in translation studies at advanced levels.

Any other graduate course in the Faculty of Arts with permission of the School and the professor in charge of the course.



International students, including those from Partner Universities pay international fees: As an example, graduate level tuition fees for the Fall semestre 2017 were $7,147.15

Canadians and permanent residents of Canada pay regular fees and are eligible for admission scholarships

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