Professor of Photography and Media Arts and Part-time professor, Department of Visual Arts

2003: MA Art and Media Practice, University of Westminster
1993: Bachelor in Fine Arts (photography), University of Ottawa

Room: 100 Laurier Ave. E., Room 106
Office: 613-562-5868
Work E-mail:



Chantal Gervais has an artistic practice in photography and video frequently presented as installation. Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions at Harcourt House Gallery in Edmonton; McClure Gallery and Vidéographe in Montreal; Galerie Séquence in Chicoutimi, Quebec; Centre d'exposition Art-­‐Image in Gatineau, Québec, and Carleton University Art Gallery and Gallery 101 in Ottawa. In 2002 she was awarded the Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography. In 1999 and 2004, she was nominated for the Ontario Art Council's K.M. Hunter Artists Award and in 2005 for the City of Ottawa's Karsh Award. Her artistic production has been supported by the Canada Council for the arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa. She obtained a BFA in photography from the University of Ottawa and an MA in Art and Media Practice from the University of Westminster in London, U.K.

Ongoing Research

Chantal Gervais' large-­‐scale photographs, video and installation work deals with representation, identity and the relationship between the body and technology. Her exploration reflects on the emotional and psychological implications of mortality and the human condition in a way that attempts to confound stereotypes and the idealization of the body as well as to challenge our perceptions of normalcy and difference. Her inquiries consider how the perception, experience and understanding of the body are influenced and altered by representations found in art, popular culture, science and medicine.

Course Taught

ART 1331: The Photograph and Visual Culture
ART 1731: La photographie et la culture visuelle
ART 2932: Digital Photograhy Workshop I/ Atelier de photographie numérique I ART 2032 Photography: Vision and Representation / Photographie: Vision et représentation
ART 2933: Photographic Body and the Portrait / Corps photographique et le portrait ART 3933: Photography and Contemporary Context / Photographie et contexte contemporain.
ART 1341: The Image in Motion
ART 1741: L'image en mouvement
ART 2040: Intermédia



2002: Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography, Canada Council for the Arts 
2005: Nomination for the Karsh Prize, Ville d’Ottawa, Ontario 
2004 and 1999: Nomination for the K.M. Hunter Artists Awards – Visual Arts, Ontario Arts Council


Ontario Arts Council, Visual Arts (2009, 2006, 2004, 1999)
Canada Council for the Arts, Creation and Production Grant in Visual Arts (2001, 1998, 1997)
City of Ottawa, Visual Arts (2008, 2006, 2004, 1999, 1998)

Selected Publications

Rombout, Melissa, In / Out : Reading Images at X 2010, X Ottawa Photography Festival de la photo d'Ottawa Bulletin, 23 septembre au 10 octobre 2010.

Aubin, Raymond, « Le corps éclaté », Revue Liaison, no. 148, Ottawa, été 2010.

Ilea, Corina, RX Chantal Gervais, Cindy Stelmackowich, Sarah Sudhoff, Ciel Variable Magazines, no 83, Fall 2009.

Leblanc, Isabelle, The Body Revealed, Canadian Medical Association Journal, no. 180(12), 9 June 2009.

Gessel, Paul, « Our Bodies Ourselves », The Ottawa Citizen, February 19 2009.­‐a8b1-­‐4104-­‐9033-­‐e0d4e1745205

Mizgala, Johanna, Between Self and Other: Recent Work by Chantal Gervais, Canadian Art, printemps 2006

Boucher, Cécile, Le corps appréhendé, Revue Liaison, Ottawa, September 2006.

Kwon, Miwon, The Wrong Place, Art Journal, vol.59, no.1, Spring 2000

Curriculum vitae PDF

Chantal Gervais - Portrait de mon pere

Portrait de mon père Paul, 2013, Inkjet print, 112 x 176 cm

Chantal Gervais - Les maux non dits

Autoportrait #3 from the series Les maux non dits, 2008, Inkjet print, 208 x 104 cm

Chantal Gervais - Les maux non dits - Vitrivian

Vitruvian Me from the series Les maux non dits, 2008,Inkjet print, 89 x 81 cm

Chantal Gervais - Les maux non dits - Self

Self-examination from the series Les maux non dits, 2008,Inkjet print, 51 x 66 cm

Chantal Gervais - Les maux non dits - Between self and other

Untitled #2 from the series Between Self and Other, 2005, chromogenic print, 101 x 315 cm

Fields of Interest

  • Contemporary art, photography, video and installation.
  • Identity, representation and the human body. The depiction, use and meaning of the body in medicine, science, popular culture and art.
  • The psychic, social and cultural boundaries that define the body and their emotional and psychological significance.
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